Roofing & Gutters Replacement Storm Damage Plainfield IL

Roofing & Gutters Replacement Storm Damage Plainfield

Meet one of our latest Plainfield, Illinois clients. They suffered a loss from a windstorm on 3/31/2023. We worked hand in hand with Great Adjusting to help get this client approved for a full roof and gutter replacement. During the process, we came across damaged plywood. Upon discovery it was noted that the plywood was not up to building code. We had to replace all of the plywood on the home because of this reason.

The shingle installed on this roofing project is IKO Dynasty Summit Grey, new 5/8″ Wood sheathing, and new 5″ Seamless aluminum gutters and 3″x4″ Oversize Downspouts. A restoration like this takes place in 2 stages. First the roof and then the gutters. 2 separate crews on 2 separate days. This client was over the moon knowing they only had to pay their deductible as their only out of pocket cost. Now they have a product that will stand up to the elements and last a very long time!

Great Roofing: Roofing & Gutters Replacement Storm Damage


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